Most of the posts in this blog are inspired by videos I discovered some time ago. Fortunately, I continue to explore YouTube and find new inspiration all the time. Even from old videos.

I have no history with The Knack. Like you, I can read the Wikipedia article on them and learn the basics, but what I know of their music is bound in this song. I remember it being on the radio, but my younger self didn’t pay particular attention to it at the time. Because of YouTube’s recommender system, I recently watched a cover of this song from Phil X. Because of that video, I fell in love with the guitar solo. Keep in mind, what I knew of the song came from the radio and I was unaware of a longer version. As it turns out, like the one on the original album; one that The Knack performed regularly in concert. The Phil X cover showed off the full version in all its glory, complete with this amazing solo. Looking around, I was able to find several live versions by the original artists. Completely worth my time. The Knack were great musicians and their live performances were tight.

This is a live performance of the long version of My Sharona. It is totally worth your time as well. Just listen to everything each member adds to the whole. This song really shows off each of them brilliantly. Oh, and go check out Phil X’s cover too. Their version uses only three musicians, but it carries all the weight. And damn, that drummer is amazing. Cheers.