A lot of people can sing the notes. Fewer people can play the notes while they sing the notes, but there are still a lot of them. Every once in a while, you find someone that makes music. That’s different. I don’t know how do define it and different people experience it differently, but some artists are convincing to most of us. They rise above the noise.

I have seen a lot of young people try their hand at YouTube. Most of them are okay, but not all that memorable. I found one the other day that jumped off the screen. Her voice put me back in my seat. She had that X-factor. More importantly, she wasn’t trying to be someone else. Her name is Madison Cunningham. I listened to a number of her songs and was impressed with everything. She even covered a Tom Waits song, and I would not suggest that to anyone, but she pulled it off. Then a couple of days ago she released this video. You’ll see.

This is a live performance of an original song called, No One Else To Blame. The guitar arrangement will grab you first. Then the rhythm. But that’s the tip of the iceberg. Everything about this song and performance is amazing. I won’t drone on here, I’ll just let you listen. Cheers.