It’s fun to search YouTube for songs from your past. This video is new to me, but the song and group aren’t. It’s so amazing to have a video record of this performance. Future generations need to hear it and see the original writers and performers play.

I can’t remember when I became a Supertramp fan, but I think it was after hearing the album Crime of the Century. I was amazed at how perfect each song was. No weak moments. It felt that way with each album. Then, just when I thought they couldn’t top themselves, they released Breakfast in America. Wow. Another perfect album. It’s more amazing when you think that two men were responsible for writing the music: one a guitar player (Roger Hodgson) and the other a keyboard player (Rick Davies). They each sang lead vocals and they sounded completely different from one another. Yet, it always came together whether the cowrote or not. Another thing that stands out is the fact that the production value of the recordings could easily pass today’s standards. No remixing necessary.

This is a live performance of the song School from the album Crime of the Century. I could have chosen from so many songs and not missed. The sound quality of this video is amazing. And, it makes you appreciate what great performers they were. I got to see them live twice. I am so glad I did.