Since this is a blog about music performances that inspire me, I really can’t avoid covers. I featured one cover a number of months ago (RodGab covering Metallica’s Orion), but that cover was so different from the original that I didn’t mark it as one. I think the next few blog entries are going to be some of my favorite covers.

This performance has about everything you want in any performance, original or cover. Great song – sweet vocals – nice mix – perfect collaboration. I have listened to a number of songs performed by the PigPen Theatre Company and I love them all. The other one I really like is their cover of Peter Gabriel’s Solsbury Hill. I really wish this group would produce a ton more videos. I’m greedy that way. But, they are so good and I think their fans would really appreciate them.

This is a live performance by the PigPen Theater Company of the song, The Only Living Boy in New York, by Paul Simon. There are a number of great covers of this song on YouTube, but I think this is my favorite (Josh Turner has a great one as well). Having the squeezebox provide the keyboard part is brilliant. I also love the bass part in this song. Cheers.