Sometimes I get curious about groups or artists from the past. I wonder what they transitioned to or if they are still performing. A while back I got curious about Colin Hay. I loved his voice and music and listened to Met At Work’s music for hours upon hours when I was a younger man. I was glad I got curious.

I laugh when I think about 80s music. I remember clearly the son of a colleague proclaiming, in the 90s, his disgust at music from the 80s. He thought it was bad and boring. That reminded me of kids I knew in the late 70s hating the Beatles. Each generation, it seems, has a compulsion to reject anything from their parent’s playlist. Looking back on it now, I really love music from the 80s. There were a ton of big names creating and performing during that decade, but Men At Work and The Police feel more 80s to me than any of them. I never saw Men At Work in concert, but I wish I had. I knew every song from the albums Cargo and Business As Usual. Great music.

This is live performance of the song Overkill. It’s just Colin Hay on the guitar, but this performance carries the full weight of the song beautifully. It takes a lot of energy to hike your voice up an octave mid-song, and I believe this recording was done in the morning. He still manages to nail it. Cheers.