This is new for me. I just discovered this band, and I think, this genre. It’s different, but I keep coming back to it.

It’s easy to get caught in the music definition conundrum. Include too little in your definition of music, and you leave out stuff you feel is music. Include too much, and you identify stuff you feel isn’t. There is no way to win. I think there is a difference between “music” and “musical.” I can define music as something with melody and rhythm. This leaves out the metronomic musicality of the washing machine thumping away as you dance along. I think the washing machine is musical, but not music. But where does that leave the piece performed in today’s video? Ultimately, the objective approach is probably unproductive. The subjective works better. If you think it’s music, it is. Despite the lack of melody here, the piece in this video is both music and musical. More importantly, it fits the spirit of this blog. What I hear and see in the video is very inspiring.

This video is a live performance of the song Customer is King by the German band, MEUTE (pronounced Moi-tah). This is an amazing group of musicians and this performance is so polished. It may take you a few playthroughs, but this song will catch you. It drives forward and builds to such a beautiful crescendo. It also uses instruments that computers just can’t replicate. Please listen to this more than once. Cheers.