These are renderings from the scoring software, Sibelius. Since Sibelius renders guitar poorly, the guitar part is voiced with a piano.

Respect – Guitar (piano) and Cello duet

Solace – Guitar (piano) and Cello duet

Of No Particular Concern – Guitar (piano) and Cello duet

Love – Guitar (piano) and Cello duet

Native Contrast – Guitar (piano) and Cello duet

A Furtive Tear – Guitar (piano) and Cello duet (by Donizetti, arr MJTaylor)

The following two pieces were submitted to contests hosted by Ryan Leach. Contest rules limited the pieces to 90 seconds in length. Hope was written on guitar first, then orchestrated for strings. Despair was supposed to be written for full orchestra, but for now it is only a piano and cello sketch. To hear either piece and see the contest image prompt, go to the Videos page.

Hope – String quartet

Despair – Guitar (piano) and Cello Sketch

Below are future guitar and cello duets. At the moment, they are guitar solos voiced with piano.

Candor – Guitar (piano) solo

Courage – Guitar (piano) solo

Holy Roller – Guitar (piano) solo

Ice Cream Girl – Guitar (piano) solo

Rabbit Hole – Guitar (piano) solo

Sparrowhawk – Guitar (piano) solo

Suspended Apathy – Guitar (piano) solo

Triumphant – Guitar (piano) solo

Wonder of Cedar Creek Township – Guitar (piano) solo

Before the Snow Flies – Guitar (piano) solo

I Thought Better Of It – Guitar (piano) solo