Very few people can just flat out write great music. Dodie Clark is one of them. There are so many choices when it comes to highlighting Dodie, but this video is one I watch all the time. It also shows how clever and professional Pomplamoose arrangements are, although I suspect that this is just as much a Dodie arrangement. In any case, this is a great collaboration.

I think I first saw Dodie when she popped up on the front page of Reddit. The song was party, which should be on everyone’s Christmas song list. That was enough to send me down the doddleoddle (Dodie’s YouTube channel) rabbit hole. Obviously, she is not a guitarist, but I never promised that this blog would focus on guitar music. That just seemed like a good place to start. No, my intention is to focus on music that inspires me, both as a listener and a composer. Dodie inspires me. She demonstrates a musicality that I think is rare. And she seems like the kind of person anyone should love to hang out with. I would encourage everyone to jump headfirst into that same rabbit hole.

This video shows a production performance of Dodie’s song Monster. I am so impressed with how the song uses both a lot of instruments, then very few. These contrasts in sound throughout this piece give it a musical gravitas. There is also something so endearing about Dodie’s affect. She makes you care about what she is trying to communicate. I have to mention that Nataly Dawn’s voice is very recognizable even though she never sings solo. I love it, she’s amazing too. Sorry Jack, I’ll talk about you in another blog.