I can’t remember which song or video of First Aid Kit I saw first, but this one has always been my favorite. It’s easy to find a very polished performance, or even a highly produced music video of any top act, but I always lean toward things like this. You can think about how many takes were done to get this final product, but I tend to believe that the answer here is one.

It’s fun to look at the video First Aid Kit did of the Tiger Mountain Peasant Song. If you don’t know, they were very young, and that video cover went viral and started their career. And, I really like the many other covers that they have done: Universal Soldier and It Ain’t Me Babe to name a couple; but, their original music is the real prize. It would be dismissive to say that their lyrics are secondary to the vocal harmonies, which make everything sound perfect, but I think they pay as much attention to their words as does their hero, Robin Pecknold. The lyrics of the song in this video hold deep meaning for me, as I think they do for many people. Just like a Fleet Foxes song, I suggest you listen closely and imagine the world they describe. You might find personal meaning there as well.

This is unique video. It shows the Soderberg sisters walking through the streets of Paris playing The Lion’s Roar. It feels totally organic. There are people everywhere, with only a few showing any real interest in the performance. There are also trucks and traffic and noise and everything you expect in an urban street scene. That said, it all contributes to the context and emotional power of this song. I can’t imagine that you will only watch part of this video, or even watch only once. I think it will stay with you for a long time as it has with me. Cheers.