This blog will not always highlight famous performers, but I wanted to start with the absolute best performances I think are a little off the beaten path and focus on guitar (and likely voice). In the future, you may see footage of lesser known artists playing all types of instruments and music.

This video is a great example of why Robin Pecknold is so amazing. Let’s start with the guitar. Most people are drawn to virtuosity, but simplicity often creates a much more intense and dramatic effect. This guitar work shows how subtle contrasts keep you riveted to what he’s doing. Add to that, his vocal performance (like every one I’ve seen him give) is authentic and fearless. The two criteria I hold for all vocal performances.

Finally, the song itself. Pecknold’s lyrics play in my mind in ways that very few songwriters do. Not only does he leave the song up for each listener to interpret, but he creates scenes that could easily carry an entire full-length feature film. I would cast him as one of the very best songwriters of this century.