There aren’t a ton of examples of guitar duets on the Internet, at least with just two guitars. But, this is nice guitar duet with three voice harmony.

I first discovered Hudson-Taylor from watching Orla Gartland videos. I’ll blog about Orla and many more of her friends in the future. Both Hudson-Taylor brothers have amazing voices and a great musical sense. Their musicianship comes through in their performances, but more so in their songs and melodies. This particular video was taken down at one point (I believe this was just part of their YouTube channel rebuild), but to our great fortune, has resurfaced.

There are a number of elements in this song worthy of mention, but more than anything for me is the overall construction of the song. A simple introduction, building to a crescendo, then drawing back to a simple ending. There is also a nice blend of strumming and high arpeggios on the guitars. This is a great song, as are many others by Hudson-Taylor.