At some point I had to include this amazing guitar duo. I can’t remember when I first saw or heard them perform, but I was in with both feet right from the start. Rodrigo y Gabriela defy convention and challenge what role guitars can play in music. Their sound is unique.

There are many original pieces by RodGab, but I chose their version of Metallica’s Orion to showcase. I don’t think I’ve featured a cover song yet, but that was inevitable, and this is a good place to start. Not only because it is an amazing performance, but also because it is such a unique arrangement of this song. Of course, the song is recognizable, but it’s so different here that it almost stands as a parallel original.

So, again I relish seeing classical guitars being used with playing methods other than fingerpicking. Well, in this case, every method including fingerpicking. It sometimes feels like guitars are relegated to country strumming, metal shredding, or snooty classical finger-styling. Fortunately, so much more is possible. In this video, RodGab include flamenco, percussion, and slide using a beer bottle. I couldn’t help but notice the vicious scratch marks on Rodrigo’s guitar above the sound hole. I don’t think my pickguard has even a smudge. I might have to rethink how politely I play.