I have been a big fan of Josh Turner and Carson Mckee for a long time. Their videos are ones I watch again and again. Like many other artists I highlight here, I could have chosen any number of videos, but this one does a nice job showing off every aspect of their art.

The first time I saw one of their videos I was struck by how professional the sound was sans studio. And to this day, they might be the signal light I chase. They employ such a nice blend of guitar as orchestra with guitar as harmonic contrast with guitar as melody. Mix that with their voices and you get a library of possibilities. Although they do a lot of cover work, I think I enjoy and watch the original stuff the most. Make sure and check out Saturn Rising, Flawed Recording, Cross-Eyed Love, and my favorite, Armed and Dangerous.

This video shows a plein air performance of the original song, Solid Ground. You may want to watch this video multiple times. There is more here than the song itself. I think you’ll find that the video is also part of the experience. I go to this recipe a lot; two guitars and two voices, but it seems to make for a successful song more often than not. It certainly does here.