I think I was inspired by last week’s blog and wanted to select another inspiring vocal performance. I really love Shannon Hoon’s voice. His passing was a real tragedy.

I’m sure I was aware of this song when it first hit the radio, but it came into focus when I heard a cover of it done by Mike Masse. It was then that I realized, not only what a great song it was, but how demanding the vocal part was. Consider the fact that I am a bass/baritone and notes above middle C require some determination. Notes above F require no one else be listening. So, you can see why I really admire tenors that can navigate such a high tessitura. I look up to them (so to speak). But that’s not all of it. Singing high is one thing, but having a unique expression in that range is intriguing, and in this case, riveting.

This version of the song, No Rain, is nicely performed in a very small venue fashion. The vocal performance here is different from the recording, but it might be better in many regards. It certainly connects with the listener. There is also a great guitar solo in this performance as well.