My bucket list has one item, something from Orla that says, “Orla fancies me.”

I first learned of Orla Gartland from a friend of mine. I have no idea where he heard of her, but at the time, she had mostly covers on her YouTube channel and had just started writing her own music. I was impressed with this young woman who decided to use the Internet as her jury, and I was amused at her uncensored rendition of Little Lion Man. When she first started, her voice was somewhat reserved, but over time, she developed a voice I love to listen to. Her guitar playing was spot on from the beginning and developed to the point where you might think of her as a guitarist who sings. She can really play. She can also write beautiful songs.

This video is great, but in some ways a compromise. The original video for this song was my favorite video on YouTube. Orla provided fans with the lyrics to this song, then asked them for images or drawings that went with the song lines. The resulting video was a collage of these images set to the music. It was deep and emotional. Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, it was later removed. This is a live performance of the song Jealous. Even though it’s not the original, it’s still amazing. I still love every moment of this song.