This is another artist that is well loved by YouTube. I mean, there’s a lot of Laura Marling videos to choose from, and fortunately, they’re all good.

I think I first heard Laura Marling when she released the song, Rambling Man. I didn’t see a video of her until long after that. When I finally got to see her perform, I was struck by so many things. First, her voice is unique, and she uses it in so many ways. In fact, this video highlights her ability to switch between beautiful singing and singsong like story telling. What is even more striking is the array of timbres she generates with her guitar. Everything from bright to muted sounds and staccato to long sustains. As a side note, she uses alternative tunings. This provides opportunities to ring open strings in full sonorous chords. It sounds great.

This video is a live performance of the song, Little Bird. It is packed with emotion, which can be heard in the singer’s voice and seen on her face. There is a moment, when her guard is dropped, as she sings an incorrect lyric and smiles at her own mistake. Part of me is grateful that someone this good actually makes mistakes, and another part of me is empathetic to the moment. Regardless, I have watched this video many times and really love how expressive the song and performance are. This is the good stuff.